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Clinical Trials and Medical Trials is a website that will put you in direct contact with Pharmaceutical Companies, CRO’s (Clinical Research Organisations) and Clinical Investigators that are running Phase I (1) and Phase II (2) clinical trials.

Medical trials are an integral part of the drug development process. Patient and volunteer participation is vital for continued medical research and these trials are carried out under strict regulations.

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Clinical research companies often offer financial compensation for your time and expenses.

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Janssen seeks to expand use of multiple myeloma drug

Janssen Biotech is seeking to expand the scope of Darzalex as a second-line combination treatment for multiple myeloma. Go to Source

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NICE rejects Bayer’s Nexavar for liver cancer

Bayer’s Nexavar is the latest medicine currently available through the Cancer Drugs Fund that has failed to meet cost-effectiveness standards set by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Go to Source

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Hospital pneumonia deaths drop 14 percent

Hospital deaths from the most common form of pneumonia dropped 14 percent between 2009 and 2015, according to new research published online in Thorax, the journal of the British Thoracic Society (BTS) Go to Source

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Antibiotics app launched in Scotland

A “groundbreaking” new app designed to help healthcare staff tackle antibiotic resistance has been launched in Scotland. Go to Source

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Marijuana a better pain reliever for men than women

Compared with men who smoked marijuana, women did not experience a significant reduction in pain sensitivity, a new study reveals. Go to Source

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Portola’s blood thinner antidote turned away by FDA

Portola has been dealt a blow after its anticoagulation reversal drug AndexXa was rejected by the US Food and Drug Administration. Go to Source

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