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Clinical Trials and Medical Trials is a website that will put you in direct contact with Pharmaceutical Companies, CRO’s (Clinical Research Organisations) and Clinical Investigators that are running Phase I (1) and Phase II (2) clinical trials.

Medical trials are an integral part of the drug development process. Patient and volunteer participation is vital for continued medical research and these trials are carried out under strict regulations.

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Clinical research companies often offer financial compensation for your time and expenses.

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New drug ’20% more effective than ACE inhibitors’ for treating heart failure

A new study claims that an experimental drug called LCZ696 is 20% more effective than ACE inhibitors in reducing heart failure-related hospitalizations and deaths. Go to Source

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What is a systematic review of medical research?

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New report shows that HPV vaccine trials can be significantly shortened

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Study questions generalizability of findings of cardiovascular trials for heart attack patients

An analysis of a cardiovascular registry finds that of clinical trials that included heart attack patients, participation among eligible patients was infrequent and has been declining, and trial… Go to Source

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First clinical trial for new skin wound-healing compound is a success

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientist Robert Gourdie developed a wound-healing peptide while researching how electrical signals trigger heartbeats. Go to Source

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Clinical trials of unscientific, ‘alternative’ medicines denounced by experts

Experts writing in the Cell Press journal Trends in Molecular Medicine call for an end to clinical trials of “highly implausible treatments” such as homeopathy and reiki. Go to Source

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