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To advertise your Clinical Trial with, please fill in the form below. If you have an online advertisement already, we can advertise the study and provide links to your own online registration form. Information provided below will form the basis of your study online brief. Alternatively, you can contact us.

Volunteers that apply directly to your study will not join the MedTrials "registered volunteers" list that is mailed out on monthly basis (unless they choose to do so).

Clinical Investigator Services

CRO’s, Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Investigators have access to a number of services:

Recruit Volunteers for your Medical Trial offers access to our comprehensive database of candidates interested in taking part in Phase 1 Medical Trials.

Advertise your Medical Trial has been developed to ensure we have maximum exposure on the Internet. This creates a perfect platform for you to advertise your Clinical Trials to reach as many volunteers as possible.

Through intelligent website optimisation and effective advertising campaigns, we ensure that remains at the top of search engine listings on the Internet.

As a Clinical Research Organisation or Clinical Investigator you can either advertise your specific trail with us or you can search a ready made list of candidates that are interested in hearing more about studies that may be taking place in the future.

CRO’s, Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Investigators can advertise their medical trials on our searchable advertising board.

Access to volunteer database is an extensive current database of candidates interested in taking part in Phase I Medical Trials. Data collected includes contact details including address, phone and email together with data about the volunteer’s medical history.

Why should I advertise my Clinical Trial with MedTrials?

Difficulty recruiting? Additional resource to minimise delay in recruitment etc.

Relevant Applicants Instantly - has invested a large amount of advertising spend to ensure that we are consistently near the top of search engine listings. By using targeted, selective advertising methods, we ensure that only interested, relevant volunteers are attracted to our website. Massive online traffic to our website means that by advertising with MedTrials, you can access a large population of volunteers very quickly. You can also search the database for suitable candidates.

Simple Pricing, cost-effective - You will only be charged once for the price of each advert regardless of how many applicants you receive.


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